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dee is frequently contacted by public works operations that are facing a specific challenge or need.  dee routinely develops solutions to meet the needs and challenges of public works operations.

Following are several examples of the solutions dee has provided at the request of public works’ operations, including an ADA Tool, a curbmaster walking mule and a sidewalk repair form.

ADA Tool

Multiple public works concrete operations were having trouble complying with mandated Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) specification for the street side approach to ADA ramp and contacted dee for a solution.  Compliance with ADA specification often required multiple attempts requiring additional cost and effort.

The ADA specification requires a maximum of a ½” rise over a 24” span that starts at the edge of the street pavement and ends 6” before the ADA traction mat location.  Even skilled masons were having trouble meeting this rigid specification on the 1st attempt.

To respond to the stated need engineered a special finishing tool to help public works operations’ masons meet the ADA’s rigid specification.

The developed tool provides skilled public works’ mason the ability to correctly form the ADA approach ramp on the 1st attempt, saving time and money, while ensuring compliance with ADA’s rigid specifications.

Get more information on the ADA spec sheet (PDF format).

Americans with Disabilities Act sidewalk tool American with Disabilites act approach ramp tool


A Chicago area public works operations came to dee with a concept for a walking mule that would allow their concrete crew members to simultaneously finish and edge a freshly placed curbs and gutters.

dee developed a walking mule that met the exact profile of curbs and gutters being placed and allowed the curb and gutter to be simultaneously finished and edged, reducing required finishing labor by ~ 70% while providing a more consistent placement.

Get more information on the Curbmaster Walking Mule spec sheet (PDF format).

dee Concrete's curbmaster walking mule

Sidewalk Repairman Forms

Discussions with public works operations revealed that one of the biggest challenges they faced was the ongoing repair of small sections of damaged sidewalk.

The replacement process typically required the removal of sod or landscape 12’-14” on each side of the sidewalk section to be replaced to allow for the installation of wooden sidewalk forms. Often times this process also caused significant damaged underground sprinklers, shrubbery, and site lighting when present

Restoration of the sod and the repair and/or replacement of damaged underground sprinklers, shrubbery, and site lighting often outweighed the cost of the sidewalk section replacement.

To solve this problem developed a proprietary line of sidewalk repairman forms that eliminated the need to remove and replace sod, and did not infringe on existing underground sprinklers, site lighting, or shrubbery.

Get more information on dee’s Sidewalk Repairman Forms (PDF format).

dee Concrete's sidewalk repairman form

dee’ sidewalk repairman forms were featured in the APWA Reporter new product section in January 2016. Click to view the article.

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