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Foundation Form Sets

foundation form

dee foundation form sets are custom made for each developer or contractor to meet their exact dimension requirements. Normally, an architect's floor plans are reviewed and then dee designs the foundation forms to meet the individual specification.

Specifications/Range of Sizes

dee foundation form sets are available in heights from 4" to 7.5" in 12-gauge steel and in heights from 4" to 24" when made in 10-gauge steel. Sets in 10 and 12-gauge steel can be manufactured in any combination required.

Typical Applications

Contractors or developers who are building multiple structures having the same, or very similar foundations typically use foundation form sets. Examples include:

  • Hotel/motel chains
  • Patio specialists
  • Housing developers
  • Garage builders

Fully customizable

Exact matches to architect's specs

Manufactured in 10 or 12-gauge steel vs. wood

Prevents bowing and sagging

Eliminates messy cleanup/waste

Repeatable slab on grade foundations standardizes the foundation slab construction process

Other construction trades can quickly start and complete their part of the project

Color-coded and numbered for specific order set-up

No measuring, cutting, or bracing of wood

Prevents mistakes

Inexperienced crews can quickly set up the forms

"Turn-key" sets

Pay for themselves in both time and material in a short amount of time

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