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Nail Stakes and Pins

dee designed, patented, and introduced the nail stake to the construction industry decades ago.

Nail stakes are primarily used to secure wood or metal forms to the ground in all flatwork applications. Additionally, they are commonly used for attaching screed bar holder clamps in flatwork finishing, securing landscape timbers, surveying stakes, string line guides, securing metal forms with pockets, and securing wood forming for flatwork.

Typical Applications

dee's nail stakes are primarily used to secure forms for concrete placement jobs. Typical applications include:

  • Patios
  • Foundations
  • Bridge approaches
  • Roadways
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool curbs
  • Airport runways
  • Taper pours for ramps
  • Driveways
  • Intersections
  • Highway entrance/exit ramps

Alternative Uses

dee's nail stakes are very versatile products and have many uses outside concrete forming and concrete placement, especially in the area of landscaping and lawn and garden.

Non-forming applications include:

  • landscapingl/lawn & garden (securing landscape timbers; small tree/large bush anchors; plant supports; ornamentation anchors, etc.)
  • string line guides
  • property markers
  • parking block/parking curb securing pins
  • tent stakes
  • grade stake markers
  • animal barrier fence corner pins
  • check dam support spins
  • small craft temporary mooring pins
  • horse shoe stakes
  • volleyball net stakes
  • and more...

12 spirally arranged nailing holes one inch on center, giving each stake 24 prelocated nail entry points

Easy and fast to use

At least one nail hole that will allow you to firmly anchor the stake to the form board no matter how the dee stake rotates or angles

Saves time and money

Nail holes keep the nail in place during alignment

Leaves both hands free to bring the form board to the line and hammer the nail

Average life 2 to 3Xs that of competitors' hot rolled stakes

Better value and safer product

Eliminates splitting, twisting and splintering

Improves worker safety and decreases lost labor time

Requires only one nail per stake, making board damage almost non-existent

Increases productivity

Eliminates wood waste cleanup and expense

Extremely strong

Can be used in place of 1" hot rolled paving form stakes

Chamfered ring machined in around the stake top

Prevents peening and increases stake life

24" dee Nail Stakes will pay for itself in five uses or less

Saves money

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