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dee Concrete Accessories is the preferred and specified supplier of concrete forming products for the US military and its affiliates. We have an ongoing history of serving all U.S. Military branches including Navy (SeaBees), Airforce (Red Horse), Army Engineering Brigades and the Army Corps of Engineers. ALL dee products are 100% US Made at our plant in Norridge, IL and ship to any public works facility, DLA facility, government installation, transport hub or military base.

All dee products are available on Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, meaning we provide an indefinite quantity of supplies and services during a fixed period of time. This designation helps streamline the contract process and expedite the service delivery. Any of our products can be purchased through:

  • GSA Advantage
  • DHS Advantage
  • Fed Mall

Typical Applications:

  • Military base infrastructure
  • Facilities development
  • Disaster relief work
  • Walkways
  • Building foundations
  • Heavy vehicle parking pads
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Fighter jet runways
  • Transport plane runways
  • Wharf construction
  • Waterway maintenace
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dee's form trials for municipalities

Contact us to learn about our programs allowing cities, states or counties to participate in form trial.

PH: 800-245-1333
FX: 708-452-7220

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