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The dee Advantage for Contractors

The benefits of using dee's steel forms and concrete forming accessories are as follows:


  • Steel forms do not warp ensuring end-users of an accurate, straight, concrete pour over a long service life
  • dee steel forms are long-lasting providing an average service life of 5+ years
  • dee form nail stakes don't dull or split in virtually any soil
  • dee steel forms are stackable so contractors can ensure each pour is exactly the correct height


  • Steel forms are 3X faster to set up and strip down
  • dee provides a complete line of forms eliminating the need for scabbing or patching
  • Steel forms reduce or eliminate the need for skilled labor allowing the contractor to quickly train the set up crew in their proper use
  • Steel forms require less staking and no nailing
  • Steel forms create less lawn and soil removal work
  • dee's national distributor network allows contractors to meet on-site project needs

Reduced Costs

  • There is no need for disposal of old forming wood

  • Steel forms are about 75% cheaper to use than wood based on the necessary maintenance and replacement costs of wood forms

Product Flexibility and Customization

  • dee steel forms are supported by a complete line of accessories including corner forms, flexible forms, filler forms, transition forms, and nail stakes providing contractors with the ability to do a fast, easy, and very professional job - regardless of unique job requirements
  • dee forms are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, providing any form your projects may require
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