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Pier Piling Form Top Yoke Stabilizer for Metal Forming

pier piling top yoke stabilizer

dee's top yoke stabilizer is designed as a custom accessory for the adjustable pier piling sidewall forms. The yoke is inserted into the stake pocket (dee product #901) of the two adjacent pier piling sidewall forms to lock them into place and ensure a solid squared pour with no blowouts.

Marine contractors can insert an optional division plate (dee product #356) at any point in the form set-up to create a custom length piling. We suggest using a top yoke stabilizer near the insertion of the division plate to ensure form stability.

Typical Applications:

  • Pier supports
  • Other marine applications

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Pier Piling Form Top Yoke Stabilizer

A rigid stabilizer to hold the sidewall form in place and are designed for a specific piling width.

Description dee Product #
Top yoke stabilizer 786
Features and Benefits

Produces a true square/rectangular concrete piling in 4" - 24" widths

Meet end-user specs

Aligns and bolsters pier piling forms

Forms will not shift or bow during placement

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