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Pier Piling Sidewall Form Stake Pockets for Metal Forming

pier piling sidewall form stake pocket

Steel stake pockets are used in flatwork forming where extra form support is required.

dee pier piling sidewall forms are shipped with stake pockets arranged in rows with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 per 10' section, dependent on form height. You can order additional stake pockets as needed.

Typical Applications:

    • Pier supports
  • Other marine applications

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Pier Piling Sidewall Form Stake Pockets

Stake pockets consist of a flat plate welded onto a slotted V-shaped channel that contains a slotted triangular locking wedge. Stake pockets are made out of 3/16" steel and are 2 1/4" tall.

dee's standard stake pocket configuration per 10' pier piling form consists of 1 row of 3 single stake pockets for forms up to 10" in height, 2 rows of 3 single pockets for forms 10+" to 16", and 3 rows of 3 single stake pockets for forms 16+" to 24" tall.

Additional stake pockets should be ordered with the sidewall forms and can be welded on in the field.

Description dee Product #
Stake pocket for pier piling sidewalls 901
Features and Benefits

Allows forms to be anchored into place

Improves consistency of concrete placement

Can be used to hold top yoke in place

Stabilizes the forms when pouring concrete

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