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Flexible Rails for Metal Forming

Flexible rails for metal forming

Flexible rail use allows a contractor to bolt a flexible battered face form to a vertical flexible form, This connection provides a way to set a concave or convex shape without distortion.

Typical Applications:

    • Movie theaters
    • Strip malls
    • Perimeter edges not requiring drainage gutters
  • Shopping centers
  • Islands
  • Convenience stores
  • Parking lot dividers

Specs & Sizes for dee’s Flexible Rails

Our flexible rail is a 2" x 2" x 10' long heavy gauge notched metal angle.This application works only with G type curbs.

Description dee Product #
Flexible rail 512
Features and Benefits

Curb face form can be used again later in a curb & gutter application

Avoid stocking separate forms for each application

Odd length gap filling between straight forms

Saves time and waste removal expense

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