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Paving forms

In 2001, dee Concrete introduced our new line of light-duty and heavy-duty paving forms for highway and runway (airport) applications.

Paving forms - description

Paving forms - illustration

dee offers a line of light-duty 3/16" paving forms and new, heavy-duty 1/4" paving forms in standard 10' lengths.


dee paving forms are used in various concrete placement applications for intersections, highway entrance and exit ramps, streets, bridge approaches, airport runways, roadways, commercial driveways and truck pads, heavy equipment pads, and taper pours for ramps.

Specifications/range of sizes

dee 3/16" paving forms
Our light-duty paving forms are available in both standard and custom sizes. Standard paving form heights range from 4" to 24" with bases from 4" to 24" and are manufactured in 10' lengths.

dee 1/4" paving forms
Our heavy-duty paving forms are also available in both standard and custom sizes. Standard paving form heights range from 4" to 24" with bases from 6" to 24" and are manufactured in 10' lengths.


Features and benefits

dee 3/16" and 1/4" paving forms:

  • Offer a full height sliding bull nose providing the contractor with fast alignment and easy stripping saving time and money.

  • Come with full height 7-gauge steel welded stake pockets, single and double wedge, ensuring absolute form stability and concrete placement meeting project specifications.

  • Are manufactured with end connections with fully welded 1/2" angle braces and half end gussets providing total form rail edge support and reducing screed hop.

  • Are designed to provide extra strength creating a paving form with greater load carrying capacity to support needed paving equipment.

  • Include a sliding nose that easily enters the reinforced box end from any angle making setup and removal quick and easy saving labor man-hours.

  • Can be manufactured with optional dowel holes allowing the easy placement of dowels or rebar into the form meeting those specifications that require reinforced concrete.

  • Are manufactured with reinforced gussets and 7-gauge steel welded form pin pockets making them some of the strongest paving forms in the industry providing many years, even decades, of useful life minimizing replacement costs.

  • Are offered as reversible forms increasing the flexibility the form offers to concrete contractors, buying one set to complete two separate placements.

Contact dee Concrete Accessories at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at to discuss your individual paving form needs or to identify a distributor in your area.


Call 1-800-245-1333 for a distributor nearest you.

Paving Forms

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