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Benefits of using metal forms and accessories

dee Concrete Accessories designs and manufactures a wide variety of metal forms and accessories to assist in the fast and professional horizontal placement of concrete.

Since 1956, dee has continued to develop new forms and accessories needed to complete concrete flatwork forming, curb & gutter applications, high curb forming, road paving, and variety of custom applications.

The benefits that both distributors and contractors receive from selling and using steel forms versus wood forming are many and significant.

We believe the following to be some of the best but our customers may be able to contribute some even better benefits:

  • dee steel forms are long lasting providing an average service life of 5+ years reducing contractor investment or expense dollars.

  • Steel forms are 3 times faster to set up and strip reducing the labor needed to form, speeding up the overall job and increasing productivity.

  • Steel forms are ~75% cheaper to use than wood based on the replacement cost of wood forms only and their necessary maintenance - not including the labor savings, saving contractors significant expense dollars they would incur using wood forms. Click to read our steel forms vs. wood forms cost comparison.

  • dee provides include a complete line of flexible forms that save the contractor time in setup, stripping, and the overall job completion by eliminating scabbing or patching and becoming more productive while reducing costs.

  • dee steel forms are supported by a complete line of accessories including corner forms, flex forms, filler forms, transition forms, and nail stakes providing contractors with the ability to do a fast, easy, and very professional job - regardless of unique job requirements!

Read more about our contractor and distributor benefits.

If you would like more information about dee Concrete Accessories and the metal forms and concrete forming accessories we provide, please call us at 1-800-245-1333, fill out our contact form, or email us at


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